About us


We are a young medieval club from the Hildesheim area, which was founded in 2014. We want to offer a platform for everyone who enjoys the hobby of the Middle Ages and are happy about everyone who enriches our group. Since we do not orientate ourselves to any particular century or ethnic group, everyone can develop freely and contribute their own ideas. Smaller groups with the same interests can organize themselves in our banner departments with their own rules and guidelines.

The focus of our club life is the fun of learning medieval skills and knowledge. At our meetings we plan activities and workshops around medieval crafts, traditional martial arts or feed ourselves with medieval recipes during rustic cooking. At our events we try to find something for every age group, so that the whole family can live out this hobby together.

Another important aspect is the community camp life in a peaceful atmosphere, for which we specifically select events in the Hildesheim area. Everyone is welcome there who either wants to camp or just want to spend a day at the camp.

If you would like to get to know us, you are welcome to our meetings or you can write to our liege lord Hauke Bensch without obligation (vorstand@vereinte-banner.de) or send us a message via the contact form.