§ 1 General camp regulations

  1. These regulations must be observed by all members and take precedence over any banner regulations.
  2. Association members only camp on behalf of the association if the camp has been angemeldet wurde. Nicht vom Vorstand angemeldete Lager dürfen keinerlei present any club banners.
  3. Unless otherwise decided by the Executive Board, each participant shall bear his or her own verursachte Kosten selbst (bedeutet z.B. Kostenumlage auf alle, die im Lager am meals; travel, material and admission costs).
  4. Minor participants may only stay overnight in the camp under the supervision of a parent or guardian camp overnight (10.00 pm – 06.00 am).
  5. If a club member behaves in a way that damages the reputation of the club (e.g. excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, violent behavior), he or she may be expelled from the camp with immediate effect.
  6. Individual banner departments cannot present themselves as an independent association.
  7. Campers, day guests and guests must bring suitable clothing, tableware and equipment and equipment for their stay in the camp (items on loan from the association can be issued a few days before the market by arrangement).
  8. New items are not to be used in public during the market and for 30 minutes before and afterwards (cell phones, PET bottles, etc.).
  9. Smoking is prohibited in the camp during market activities.
  10. Half an hour before the market opens, all warehouse staff and day guests meet in the warehouse. camp. The allocation of services is voluntary or random. The camp services include:
    1. Supervise the fire bowl and fire and keep it going.
    2. Fetch water and take away waste water.
    3. Fetch and chop firewood.
    4. Light the camp lighting and keep it running.
    5. Dispose of waste and ashes.
    6. Market and other tasks.
  11. Camp participants and day guests undertake to take part in at least one set-up and/or dismantling task. or dismantling task.
  12. The camp organizers determine the requirements for participation in the camp. This also includes a possible deposit, the amount of which is determined by the camp organizers in consultation with the board.
  13. Individual arrangements with the camp organizer / camp manager are possible.