Hildesheim Lake Spectacle


Also this year, the Vereinte Banner e.V. under the leadership of liege Hauke M. Bensch and the operator of the JoBeach, the Event Werft GmbH, have worked to ensure that the friends of the medieval event can celebrate this year.

From September 16 to 18, 2022, young and old can travel back in time to the days of knights and Vikings on the grounds of the JoBeach. On the shores of the Hohnensee, the tents of craftsmen, roasters and merchants will be pitched by the numerous arriving market vagabonds. So that for body and liver is provided and nobody must leave hungry or thirsty the place.

Also different army camps will be to be marveled at, which live from Friday to Sunday on the area. Here you can see the camp life true to the era and learn a lot about the time.

For more information visit the Facebook page -> https://fb.me/e/2TZxDueZf