Contribution rules


§ 1 Principle

The Rules of Contribution are not part of the Statutes. They regulate the contribution obligations of all members of the Association as well as the fees and contributions. It may only be amended by the General Assembly of the Association.

§ 2 Decisions

  1. The General Meeting shall decide the amount of the subscription, the admission fee and apportionments. The Executive Committee shall determine the fees.
  2. The amounts set shall be levied on 1 January of the following year in which the resolution was passed. By resolution of the General Assembly, another date may be fixed.

§ 3 Fees (annual dues)

Active members of full age 25,00 €
Full age sustaining members 15,00 €
Children, youths, pupils, students and trainees up to 18 years of age (youth members) 10,00 €
Family (2 adults + 1 child) 50,00 €
each additional child +5,00 €

  1. The membership status existing on the due date is decisive for the amount of the contribution.
  2. Members who do not provide an email address have to pay a postage fee of 10,00 € per year.
  3. Any changes in personal details must be notified as soon as possible, especially if reduced fees are claimed.
  4. The membership fee will be debited from the giro account by direct debit on 01 February each year.
  5. Members who do not participate in the direct debit procedure will be charged a processing fee of 5.00 Euro.
  6. Reminder fees of 20.00 Euro per reminder will be charged.
  7. A one-time admission fee of € 5.00 per person shall be charged upon joining the Association.

§ 4 Association account

Bank: Sparkasse Hildesheim
IBAN: DE03 259501300034737695
Creditor identification number: DE97VBV00001525682

Bank transfers to other accounts are not permitted and will not be recognised as payments.