A Decade of Medieval Fun: 10th Anniversary of Vereinte Banner e.V.

 The first honorary members of Vereinte Banner e.V., Esther L. Bensch (left) and Manfred Bensch (right), together with the liege lord Dr. Hauke M. Bensch (center).


With great joy, we look back on the recently held general assembly, which marked a special highlight in the history of our association. Ten years ago, on January 21, 2014, we started as a small group of medieval enthusiasts with a common goal in mind. Exactly a successful decade later, on January 21, we gathered at our clubhouse, the Beusterhütte in Diekholzen, for the general assembly to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our association. This event was not only a cause for celebration but also a time for reflection, recognition, and a shared look into the future. The major milestones that the association has achieved include the acquisition of the Beusterhütte as our clubhouse in 2021 and the transition from participant to main organizer of the medieval market at Hohnsensee in 2019.

In this special anniversary year, it was an honor for us to acknowledge some of our members who have stood out through their longstanding membership and outstanding dedication. Our founding members, Esther L. Bensch and Manfred Bensch, were appointed honorary members as an expression of our deep gratitude for their tireless efforts.

However, the general assembly was just the beginning of our anniversary year, which promises a wealth of exciting events and activities. We can look forward to special celebrations such as our anniversary feast in July, cultural events like the public game afternoon on February 11, our fighter’s weekend on March 9 and 10, our open camp day on June 1, and our public archery tournament on August 17. For the younger medieval enthusiasts, our holiday pass event will take place on June 22. In the assembly, these planned events were presented in detail to arouse anticipation for a year full of community and celebrations. Subsequently, all our members could strengthen themselves with a shared meal and reflect on the assembly and the past ten years.