Work assignment no. 2

On 03.06.2023, in beautiful sunshine, our hardworking club members met on our club grounds in Diekholzen for work.
The storage hut needed urgent repair work on the roof overhang. To our chagrin, it had already partially rotted away. Just like the roof overhang at the toilets. After a lot of hard work, the roofs are now tight again. At the same time, the stair handrail at another corner of our club grounds was renewed and relocated. Now we have direct access to our new herb bed.
The upper and lower forest terraces and the back stairs were properly cleaned and swept.
Working together makes you hungry. So we took a well deserved break at lunch time.

Thank you very much for your hard work.
Thanks to a generous donation from Katrin Breitmeyer we were able to buy the material for this work. Thank you very much for that.

Work assignment

On Saturday, February 18, 2023, despite the bad weather, we came together to work on our club grounds.
It was diligently removed and rearranged, sorted and put back neatly, wood split and stacked, terraces and stairs freed from leaves, windows cleaned and the premises cleaned.
For refreshment we had lunch together and warmed up with coffee. After that, we continued whirling until nightfall.
Snowdrops are already blooming on the premises, luring us into the outdoor season.
It was again nice to create something together on the club grounds. Many thanks to all helpers. Nice that you all have helped.

General meeting 2023

On Sunday, the 12.02.2023 our members have gathered in the Beusterhütte for the general meeting. Punctually at 15 o’clock the meeting was opened by our liege Hauke Bensch.
Our mayor Matthias Bludau sent us greetings from the municipality of Diekholzen and presented the board with a certificate from “priceless and voluntary – The Lower Saxony Award for Civic Engagement 2022”. Joyfully Hauke Bensch and Peter Gödecke accepted this certificate, which honors the voluntary work of our association.
In the further course of the meeting our feudal lord Hauke Bensch and our treasurer Peter Gödecke were re-elected for another three years. We are pleased that both of them continue in their honorary office.