Strawberry festival at Sander Landhof

On May 18 and 19, we took our camp to the strawberry festival at the Sander Landhof farm in Gestorf. There we introduced the children to our hobby with lots of hands-on stations. At the stations, the children were able to make herbal salt, try out knotting stars, drill holes in buttons with a rotary tool or carve soapstones. Interested guests were shown how fire was made in the Middle Ages and how handicrafts were carried out.

And after a day of hands-on stations and lectures, we continued to have fun together! Everyone was able to try out and practice with the people’s pois. This naturally attracted curious and sociable helpers from Erdbeerhof Sander. Of course, we also served samples of the mead and ended the day together.
On Sunday, our camp was also visited by two knights. The two of them had already discovered us on Saturday and came to our camp on Sunday on a special hike. The little knight was immediately put to work and patrolled the perimeter of our camp.