Inauguration of our cooking area

On September 13, we inaugurated our cooking station at a community cookout. We cooked a “poor people soup” and for dessert barley porridge with dates. Both dishes were very well received by all participants.
A special thanks goes to Jonathan Böttcher, who made the cooking station with enthusiastic initiative.

More photos from our cooking event can be found in our gallery.

Phrasenmäher congratulate our herald

The band Phrasenmäher presented a concert with a personal hymn to our herald Christina for her 30th birthday. Your position as our herald was also featured in the song.

In addition a quote from Jannis Kaffka: “Heroldin, what kind of word is that”.

Medieval knight games

On August 15, we visited the “Medieval Knight Games” in Hanover. Besides the spectacular tournaments, where the knights duel on horseback, we could again enjoy many culinary delicacies. Some of our members also went to the blacksmith to get new equipment to be well prepared for the next sword training. Also our smallest companions could let off steam the whole day with music, dance and show program, so that they fell into their beds in the evening.

Photos of the knight games can be found again in our gallery.