Year 2016

Medieval lake spectacle at the Hohnsensee lake

On the weekend of 29 April to 01 May 2016, we participated with a camp at the medieval lake spectacle at the Hohnsessee in Hildesheim. There, not only our members but also many guests got to know our camp life and actively participated. Also the Hildesheim Pepersack enriched our camp with its knowledge office and rounded off the presentation to the outside. On Saturday afternoon we welcomed the dance troupe Gaudium in Saltando and performed medieval dances together with them.

For the successful event we would like to thank the organization team of Panem et Circensis.

Medieval Action Day

On April 23, 2016, the Hildesheim Pepersack organized a medieval action day on the occasion of Derek Meister’s reading in the art gallery Room 25. The United Banners also participated in this with an information stand and gate guards at the entrance of the art gallery. The center of the event was the knowledge kontor of Ulf Hanebuth, who resurrected a Hildesheim councillor from the family Pepersack in his representation. During the action day also many new contacts to other groups could be made. The Hansevolk zu Lübeck presented their council pharmacy and served tasty and freshly prepared spiced wine. Andres vom Berg an der Aue, for example, presented the craft of a scribe along with the associated utensils.

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