Year 2019

Spectaculum Gebhardi Hagensis

On 07 July 2019 we visited the Spectaculum Gebhardi Hagensis and enjoyed the ambience of the moated castle. There we were able to make and maintain many contacts again and to further train our skills in “nailing”.

RTL Nord bull’s eye tour in Hildesheim

On 04 July 2019 we were part of the live broadcast of the RTL Nord bull’s eye tour in Hildesheim. There we were interviewed by the reporter Kim and were able to present ourselves to the television audience.

Here you can watch the show again in stream.

Shooters Parade in Hanover

On June 30th we marched together with the Gehrdener Turmgarde in the festival group of the “Excalibur” at the Shooters Parade in Hanover. With hot temperatures and good mood we enjoyed the great atmosphere in Hanover. We would like to thank the Hanoverians and the organizers for the beautiful parade. After the march through Hanover we all let ourselves be spoiled with a delicious banquet in the Excalibur. Special thanks to the whole team of the “Excalibur”.